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A psychellic symphonic band!

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Calendar dates for Legends of the Mind featuring the music of Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, The Beatles, Jethro Tull and others. Come out and join the band in a symphonic psychedelic experience!

About the Band

Legends of the Mind was formed a couple of years ago with the intent to do something different. When they joined together they decided to focus on music largely created from 1965 to 1975, choosing songs that they had not heard other bands perform.

These pieces were in a psychedelic/symphonic style, with instrumentation and vocal harmonies that couldn’t easily be replicated on stage. The idea was to play songs that everyone loved, but rarely got to hear in person.

Even the original artists themselves often didn’t attempt to perform some these songs in a live environment, either because they would have had to travel with a full orchestra at a prohibitive cost, or the sounds that they achieved in studio were hard to reproduce with the audio equipment that was available to them at that time.

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Meet the Band!

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Larry Hughes

Larry Hughes is a veteran singer and guitarist who has played with bands such as Flight, The Artists, The Hurricanes and others in his long career. He was happy to reunite with Scott Douglas, his old friend to form the Legends of the Mind.

Scott Douglas

Scott started playing with Larry Hughes, another Legends of the Mind member at age 23. They played in several bands together over the next 15 years, appearing on live radio broadcasts as well as opening for many national acts. While in the band The Artists, they were Chuck Berry’s backing band at Billy Bob’s Texas. The Artists opened the show with a set of their original music, then joined Chuck on stage for his performance. It was hailed as one of the best shows of that year by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Hadley Hawk then joined them on keyboards, and they played together for several more years before moving on and forming other bands. At this time, Scott teamed up with Bill Casey in two different successive groups. Along with bassist Matt Howard, they played original music and current songs for several years.

Scott reunited with Larry, Hadley Hawk, and Bill Casey to form the Legends of the Mind, and the band has been gathering loyal followers ever since.

Scott Hawk

Scott Hadley Hawk is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays Keyboards, Flute and Wind Controller. His influences include Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Yes and classical music. His ability and 40 years of experience playing with bands such as The Stingrays, The Artists, Skip & the Rent and Cocoa Bann gives the Legends a large tonal pallet to draw from. His original music is available on Amazon, and he has a large discography of work such as The Hiltons – Room Service, Radio Love – The Artists, Train, Logos, Edward and Hadley.

He says: “I love playing with Legends of the Minds, it brings the best of my abilities out in me by contributing all of my talents to the band.”

Tommy Gordon

Tommy is a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer since he began playing guitar and bass in bands at the age of 12. In high school, composed and directed a 21 piece original orchestral arrangement of Frank Zappa’s King Kong. He then majored in cello, double bass, piano, and composition, earning along the way an award for Outstanding Bass Player in a prestigious College All-Star stage band competition.

As a bass player, he has had notable associations with artists such as Israfel (Tommy, Warren Ham, Bill Ham, Martin Fender) opening for ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, and recording an unreleased album in Nashville which included songs later released by Bloodrock. He toured with the Hollywood Brass from LA, The Clifford Hawkins Band, Fatcrack (Mark Ballew, Buck Jenkins, Mike Makasta), Rock-On (Mike McClain, Joe Sharpe, Graylan Limme), many other exceptional acts. He is one of the founding members of Legends of the Mind, drawing on his wide experience to provide a powerful bottom end.

Tommy is proficient in all genres of music from symphonic, country, hard rock, progressive jazz, to blues and big band. Tommy has been a member of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 72 for 15 years, and is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society. He has designed electronic musical instruments since the age of 21, and continues to design, write and produce to this day.

Bill Casey

Bill Casey is a talented singer and percussionist, who has sung with Big Bands, as well as many area rock acts. He played with Scott Douglas in several bands in the eighties, and always wanted to form a band with him again.